I officially started my stem cell treatment for Lyme disease and co-infections. They say I also have mycoplasma in addition to babesia,

so that's new one to add to the list.

My the treatment will address all they say.


  Today was chelation therapy and vitamin b17. The chelation IV went well, but the IV b17 was a different story.

It brought on tremors, chills and now feels like I hit a brick wall of pain and fatigue. 


This is all normal and to be expectedof this particular kind stem cell protocol.


  I was also warned that I would be really emotional for no reason; especially thru the 1st several days of my 2 week treatment.

Poor Scott Kitchens lol :))

He's been awesome and such a trooper for me through all of this. I could not have done this without his awesome emotional support. Hopefully I won't be as emotional as they warned Scott :)


  So far I'm impressed with all the staff and doctors. They are professional, compassionate, optimistic, and I learned more of my health issues that stem cell therapy would work on.

It regenerates and helps with the nerve damage and inflammation that has invaded my brain, heart, liver, kidneys, stomach and more in these past 16 years.

I knew prior of the advantages of stem cells on neurological issues alone.


I knew it was a no brainier :))

to go the stem cell route. It helps repair the damage from Lyme disease and it's co-infections they say.


  I'm back tomorrow, so stay tuned and much more treatment realities to come on stem cell treatment. I'll deal you the reality on this particular kind of stem cell treatment for Lyme disease.


We shall soon see if this is a valid treatment for late stage Lyme and it's equally destructive co-infections. 


Just another day

Living the Lyme Life 💚



Pre treatment  

Pre treatment