Today's entry is extremely difficult to write, because I'm not feeling well.


I will do my best explaining my second day (day 2 of 14) of my stem cell treatment for you.....


Last night was difficult.

I experienced lots of muscle cramping and increasing of my Lyme disease symptoms (herxing), but it is to be expected.


Today started with another round of IV chelation therapy and IV b17 (also known as Laetrile). I also received my first Photon Genius Sauna procedure.


I know you are thinking...

What's a Photon Genius Sauna?

What are it's benefits?


Near infrared lamp saunas use incandescent reddish 'heat lamps' for heating, which emit near infrared energy and some middle infrared as well.  This type of sauna also provides warming and stimulating color therapy of red, orange and yellow visible light.  These particular frequencies draw energy downward in the body and can assist the digestive and elimination organs to some degree."


This is helpful for wound healing and cellular regeneration as well and this therapy is one of the least costly and safest and most powerful ways to eliminate toxic metals, toxic chemicals and chronic infections."  The benefits include:


•Skin rejuvenation

•Enhanced sweating - Medical studies demonstrate that most toxins can be eliminated through the skin thereby relieving the burden on the kidneys and liver.

•Exercise benefits - Saunas provide many of the benefits of exercise with much less expenditure of energy, including enhanced circulation and oxidation of tissues

•De-congesting the internal organs

•Fever therapy (hyperthermia) for infections


You are in this machine standing up for 10 minutes then you flip over your body to the other side and do another 10 minutes.


I didn't even last 10 minutes on one side. I was getting shaky and faint, so it was prematurity stopped for the day.


  My doctor said the heat will not be used in future sessions, because this oftentimes isn't tolerated well with Lyme disease. So, just the light portion of this therapy will be used the remainder of the 2 week treatment period.


  They also have a masseuse on staff, so I was promptly removed from the machine, and I was moved to the massage table where I received a full body massage (included in the price also)


  I also received supportive natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral items medicines/supplements today (again all included in the price I paid)

Cloves capsules

Colloidal silver

Oil of oregano capsules

Elephant Tree Lomatum

Detox tincture


Tomorrow is the big day!!!

It is the First day of 6 stem cell treatments.

These, I was told, would make my current herx from the B17 worse.


But I'm ready


I'm hopeful💚


Living the Lyme Life