Today was treatment day 3 of 14. It started out with a IV vitimin C infusion.


What's IV vitamin C supposed to do?


Intravenous (IV) vitamin C is an exceptionally powerful therapy for a wide range of diseases including Lyme disease. 

IV administration of nutrients enables blood levels to be elevated to a far higher range than with oral supplementation. In the case of vitamin C, high blood concentrations can actually kill a host of microbes that cause serious diseases such as Lyme disease.


💚The next step into today was the most important day and step yet....


This day was the first day of "implanting" embryonic stem cells via IV.

It took 5 days for the clinic to make and cultivate my cells.


Embryonic stem cells have the ability to develop into all of the tissues and structures of the body and can therefore potentially regenerate tissue damaged by Lyme disease. Perhaps the most potent application of this would be in cases of neuroborreliosis, or neurological Lyme disease.


Can you imagine me with a properly functioning  brain ?


The hope with stem cell treatment for Lyme disease is that the stem cells would stimulate the body’s immune system and essentially create an environment in which Lyme disease bacteria could not hide and would be susceptible to antibiotics.


Also, applications of stem cells for Lyme disease include regeneration of myelin around nerve fibers, reductions in inflammation, tissue regeneration after damaging Lyme arthritis, heart tissue repair following Lyme carditis, and even skin repair after extensive acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans.


This therapy, especially with the introduction of stem cell treatment, will increase my symptoms or throw me into a herx.

I'm currently in Lots of pain all over my body which I expected through my research and the doctors here.


What I didn't know, is you can not take anything to combat the pain for many hours after implantation occurs. 




I was told the stem cells goto the inflamed and worst areas destroyed by Lyme disease and babesia, but they need to know where to go inside me. So, If I took any type of pain reliever, it wouldn't goto those damaged areas as effectively.


After the stem cells, it was another round of the Photon Genius Sauna.

Thankfully they didn't turn on the heat portion of the machine today, so I made it the whole 20 minutes!


Tonight, I feel like a Mack truck hit me, and then add in a myriad of other increasing symptoms

-especially neurological issues.....


But it's all normal to feel these increased symptoms (aka herx).


The important thing is...

I am on track with this treatment protocol.


It's only 2 weeks  :))


Tomorrow I'm receiving:

-another round of IV chelation therapy -IV b17 (also known as Laetrile).

-another Photon Genius Sauna procedure with no heat (just lights)


Just another day

Living the Lyme Life

Vitamin C IV

Vitamin C IV

Stem Cells

Stem Cells

Photon Genius

Photon Genius