Today marks day 8 of 12 of my embryonic stem cell treatment. 


Every day since Sunday, I've noticed amazing miracles that I haven't seen with any other Lyme protocols.

I've tried them all at least a couple times.

This is what I've seen so far in improvements....


⁃Numbness and burning in hands and feet are gone

⁃Energy levels have increased

⁃More alert with clearer thoughts

⁃Eye sensitivity is gone

⁃Not dizzy

⁃Walk without help of walls and people

⁃Less pain

⁃Mood is happier


And the best part is, I will continue to see further improvements over the next several months!!!


Today I received:

⁃IV chelation

⁃IV B17 (also known as Laetrile)

⁃IV embryonic stem cell implantation


I was feeling really good about the research and science I did prior to making my decision, but still was going in kind of sceptical.

💚 Now I'm a believer 💚

Living The Lyme Life

A happier day is now

A happier day is now