What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem Cell Therapy (SCT), provides the body with stem cells in the location where it is most needed in order to assist in the healing and regeneration of its existing cells. Contact us to find a doctor/clinic near you who can provide you with therapy using Stemaid™ Embryonic Stem-Cells.

About Us

Stemaid™ provides Embryonic Stem Cells and unique protocols to doctors in order to help their patients who face major health conditions as well as individuals who simply wish to stay young and healthy. Over the past five years of development, we have successfully conducted research into targeted major diseases related to lung, kidney, liver and heart failures, we have aided in helping people who have suffered stroke or brain injury to walk or talk again, we have removed all traces of tumor in multiple cancer patients and we have achieved significant results in fighting aging and its physical markers. You may see a more detailed and referenced list of these successes here.
Embryonic Stem cell treatments have not been approved by FDA. For this reason, we are located abroad. If you are interested in our technology or would like us to put you in touch with the nearest clinic to you who can provide you with stem-cells, please contact us at:

Call us toll-free on 1-844-STEMAID

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Lyme Disease


Individuals affected by "chronic Lyme disease," or "Post-treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome" are facing three main concerns:

  • a chronic infection very likely due to either cystic encapsulation of the initial pathogen or its growth in the form of biofilms which cannot be treated with antibiotics an
  • accumulation of toxins due to a compromised immune system and the regular use of antibiotics, antidepressants and other drugs
  • a slow degradation of the body functions leading to arthritis, heart problems and neurological problems affecting the brain and the nervous system.


An efficient way to help restore the quality of life of these individuals is to address these three aspects of the disease in parallel, using natural detoxification protocols along with stem cell treatment.
The recommended protocol requires a minimum of 2 weeks presence at one of the affiliated practitioner's clinic.It may be adapted depending on the initial assessment of the infection and toxin levels performed at the beginning of the treatment.


The Stemaid™ Lyme Disease Protocolincludes:

  • enzymes to help break the borrelial cysts and biofilms
  • a specific diet to inhibit the quorum-sensing activity of the bacteria
  • natural anti-pathogenic treatments which may include ozone therapy and frequency treatments
  • chelation therapy following the ACAM protocol (American College of Alternative Medicine)
  • 20 million Embryonic Stem Cell treatment 3 times per week for 2 weeks.

Benefits of the Embryonic Stem Cell treatment for Lyme disease patients


The injection of ESC has the immediate effect of strengthening the immune system. The first benefit from the stem cell treatment is the increased capacity of the body to defend itself from the pathogen invasion.The second level of benefit is usually observed after a minimum of 3 injections when the different organs that have been damaged by the disease start to show signs of repair. ESC are especially efficient at reversing brain neurological problems. Patients on anti-depressants were able to cease taking them when entering the 4th week after the treatment. Some showed improvements a little later but most patients show a remarkable improvement in all neurological related symptoms.Major improvement is also observed in the joint inflammation within 4 weeks of the treatment.
To know more about our protocol or to be directed to an affiliated practitioner, you may fill up the contact form on the stemaid.com website and a representative will contact you shortly


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