Living the Lyme Life

One week post embryonic stem cell treatment - Living The Lyme Life

As most of you know,

I've tried it all relevant treatments over the long 16.5 years I've lived with Lyme Disease and babesia.

The other month when Dr J deemed me too sick for the only treatment that gave me any relief over the years


it was a big blow. 

They determined I will NEVER be a candidate for IV ABX again.

It was too risky in their opinion  considering my health issues.


I had no choice but to start a new path to finding wellness, because giving up or in to this disease is not in my plans.

I knew of ONE other "relevant" treatment protocol I read about on websites outside the USA.

A newer treatment option for Lyme and it's co-infections. I knew the science made sense, but knew of only 2 others who have done embryonic stem cell therapy for Lyme disease. They had success, but I still felt like a guinea pig going in.

Embryonic stem cell Therapy,

I felt, was my only relevant option left

considering my massive health declines over the past year.

Dr J did me a favor in the end.

Even one week post treatment, I feel good! 💚

Goodbye to my standard "ok" days here and there during my "remission" via long term IV antibiotics.

I'm having Good days NOW💚

Better than after the completion of a year+ IV ABX to ultimately achieve a bandaid aka "remission"

I know I've made improvements over IV ABX already, and I will continue to see them over the next several months.

I've had people come see me this week.

They saw me before I left for my embryonic stem cell treatment and after...

They see my improvements also.

⁃No sunglasses or squinting burning watery eyes  when exposed to ANY light source

⁃Better skin tone (was almost yellow because of my failing liver that  Lyme and ABX gave me.

⁃Hands don't feel cold or hot and I can feel them now also

⁃Walking straighter with no assistance

⁃Better concentration/focus

⁃Happier and Lyme rage is not as easily triggered

⁃Able to do some chores

⁃Able to go out more

⁃Taking less medications

⁃Dizzy spells infrequent instead of always

⁃Pain levels down

I know this obviously seems to be a valid treatment consideration if you are in late stage Lyme disease.

I also wanted to stress to you:

Just because it seems to be my best answer to my own wellness, it may not be right for all inflicted with Lyme disease.

I am a believer tho as I'm

Living The Lyme Life 💚