Day 11 of 12 of my stem cell journey has come and gone.

Only one more day, then I go home!

Today I received:

⁃another round in the Photon booth

⁃Followed by autohemotherapy treatment (ozone)

⁃Embryonic stem cell implantation via IV

Yes, they do stem cell treatment in the USA, but not this particular kind I'm receiving here at StemAid.

Also adding autohemotherapy / ozone treatment to the protocol was a huge additional benefit in this treatment option.

I did my homework on ALL of the different types of stem cell treatment, because I had a lot at stake with my cardiac involvement alone.

I have also experienced huge health declines that left me mostly bedridden in the past 6 plus months.

I have known people to go treat their illnesses with other types of stem cell treatments offered in the USA, but with little to no success. 

So I did my homework and found embryonic stem cells to be the most effective type in treating my Lyme disease and co-infections.

After I wasted $40k with my last Lyme dr who ultimately deemed me to sick to go on with IV ABX, it was my new path to wellness!

He was supposed to be one of the best Lyme doctors out there.

I was told I wasn't a candidate anymore (even in future months to come).

In hindsight I thank that doctor in releasing me, because I found something that has already shown me more progress than a whole year of IV antibiotics ever could.

My path to wellness will continue in the months to come also as I'm

Living The Lyme Life💚

Arrival for the next to last day

Arrival for the next to last day

Ozone Therapy  

Ozone Therapy