Day 12 of 12 of my embryonic stem cell treatment is today :)


I'm done!!!


In the past

Only IV ABX has shown me any results over the years. It gave me 25% back (from a bedridden state), but I considered that a gift in life also.


I've done all treatments that science can support over this 16 year Lyme disease and babesia road.


Many do not know I've been mostly bedridden of late (and a good portion of those long 16 years)

When Dr.J dropped me because I was deemed too sick to go on,

it scared me since my stats and heart issues were putting my life in danger daily.

So of course

It was a really big blow when he removed my picc line after only 4 months and 40 grand in his visits, IV medicine, many RX's, supplies, and travel expenses to D.C.


It turned out to be the best thing, because it pushed me into my next and only other valid treatment protocol..

Embryonic stem cell therapy


Today I received:

⁃another round in the Photon booth

⁃IV chelation

⁃IV B17 (also known as Laetrile)

⁃IV embryonic stem cells


I feel so much better than when I came here a couple weeks ago. I have past the point ALREADY that I got with my first round of IV ABX after one year of that treatment protocol!


I found my Lyme disease miracle I've waited years 16 long years for💖✨


Some maintenance afterwards is needed.


Diet wise:

⁃No gluten

⁃No or little dairy (coffee creamer is my cheating item) they said goat cheese is not on the no no list :)

⁃Eating Whole Foods


Other items are (no RX - all natural)

⁃Detox tincture

⁃Oil of oregano capsules

⁃Elephant tree tincture


⁃Silver biotics

⁃Intellect tree seed oil


I also have to do a liver cleanse which helps (it's an easy recipe):

⁃clear the liver of gallstones

⁃Improved digestion

⁃Allergy improvements

⁃Helps Pain

⁃Increased energy

Again I can't even begin to say how thankful I am to the whole staff there at Stemaid.


They really genuinely cared!


I will do a monthly update blog from here.

I'm so excited for the future!

It's so bright

And I do not have to wear shades 😎


Many more good things to come!


Thank you for reading my blog, and all of the shared posts and support from all of you💚

Living the Lyme Life will be a life full of living now!


And the best is yet to come as these next few months pass as I'm

Living The Lyme Life💚

All smiles on last day

All smiles on last day

Last of the stem cells

Last of the stem cells

Stem Cells  

Stem Cells