It's official

I'm a month post embryonic stem treatment protocol!


Before I walked through the door at the Stemaid Institute,

I was considered in critical condition from my Lyme doctor.


⁃My blood diastolic pressures would go as low as 43! And all the sudden on a regular and daily basis.                                        Passing out was my normal.

⁃Walking was sketchy some days

⁃I'd regularly have shaking episodes 

⁃Almost always had a fever

⁃Spikes in BP (from really low to really high for no reason and vice versa)

⁃My eyes were so sensitive to light that I always wore shades. It wasn't worth the burning pain I'd get in my eyes and front of head.

⁃Gave up driving almost 9 months ago. That was a tough blow!

⁃I was bedridden for months with pain as my constant bedfellow.        On rare occasions, I'd do something but I never lasted long with any outing or task

⁃My neurological systems left me in a constant daze of confusion

⁃I couldn't eat or keep food down so I plummeted to 108 pounds (I'm 5'8") just constantly nauseous!

⁃I was so tired ALWAYS but I couldn't sleep

⁃Couldn't feel extremities or they would burn


Now fast forward one month....


Even though I've had a few rough days here and there over the last month, I still say


Wow look at how far I've come!!!!


I am way past the 25%-40% a IV picc line could give me.

But remember I was told I'm not an IV ABX candidate now or in the future by one of "the best" Lyme doctors.


⁃My BP issues, fever have virtually disappeared

⁃I'm back up to a better weight

⁃I can think clearly now!              Less Lyme brain moments :)

⁃I'm getting out more and I'm going to start driving in the next week :) yay!

⁃Able to do some chores

⁃I'm painting again

⁃Ditched my shades. My eyes can tolerate light again

⁃Pain levels as a whole are way lower and manageable

⁃Shaking and passing out is becoming a thing of the past also


And I'll continue to improve more over the next few months

I'm living life!

Instead of

Living the Lyme Life

Living Life

Living Life