Living the Lyme Life

2 months post Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy from the Stemaid Institute in Los Cabo's Mexico.


Wow! 2 months have passed post treatment and I still am improving as I was told I would. I will even see more improvements in the months to come.

Even though my improvements are substantial; there are still days I struggle. On these days tho, the struggle is markedly less than before treatment.


When I entered the clinic, I was in critical condition and 108 pounds and I'm 5'8". Now I have my weight back up officially to where it was.


My mental clarity is still continuing to improve. For example, the other day, my Now fiancé Scott (yes we just got engaged), was putting my clothes away and I knew where everything went in all my drawers and huge closet and could easily direct him. To most this may seem easy but for a late stage lymie

It is huge!


My energy is up, so I am getting out more often also.

And now I'm not hardly ever dizzy,

I'm back in my heals 👠

I've also been able to cook a couple meals. I don't even remember how long it's been since I REALLY cooked. It's nice spending more quality time with all of my loved ones.


Since my tremors have gone, I'm also about to drive again in the next few weeks! It's been a long time since I have driven - about a year now. I Took myself off the road when I got lost on a car ride I've done many times prior.


I'm also painting and drawing! Something I haven't done in over a decade.

Tremors + art = NO

I've even sold some of my pieces and gave 100% of the proceeds to Hand and Hand in Lyme disease.


So 2 months post treatment I'm still seeing improvements overall!

So much to be thankful for in this past 30 days in the Lyme Life


In my life....