Living the Lyme Life

Month 5 post stem cell treatment

This past month I've gone through some things in my personal life that have quite frankly affected my wellness journey. I received sleep issues and stress, so I knew I had to start counselling asap which I did.


I have not noticed any gains in my stem cell journey from this month to last, but I'm still doing things daily. Lyme brought my life to a bedridden state to doing things every day. Can't complain too much on my health status.


I have been working on the Lyme scroll of those who lost their lives due to Lyme and it's co-infections.

I ran out of room but have 72feet of names.

I'm unrolling it soon on a video and then my hope is to add the names I didn't have room for and lend it out to orgs and events across the United States.


RIP Lyme angels

Lyme Scroll

Lyme Scroll