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#27 - Living the Lyme Life - Before and After

#27 - Living the Lyme Life - Before and After

What a difference 2 1/2 years make! Take a look at these before and after pictures. A treatment that finally worked and Kelly has her first negative Lyme Disease test in 19 years.



On location in San Jose Del Cabo


On location in San Jose Del Cabo

StemAid Ozone treatment

StemAid Ozone treatment


StemAid treatment 

#24 - Living the Lyme Life -Chapter 2

#24 - Living the Lyme Life -Chapter 2

As you all know, I’ve had Lyme disease and co-infections since July 8,2000. I was bitten by a tick,when I went to the bathroom in the woods. I was fishing with a bunch of guys in upstate New York.

I was “lucky”. I got the bullseye rash, and I was counted as one of the infected in the 2000 CDC count. I always tested positive for Lyme disease, even after my 2 picc line rounds of IV antibotics. I also did several natural protocols before that, with no success.

My first picc line round was considered a success. I also found out that I had arsenic poisoning and mold illness. These issues make treating Lyme even more difficult. That Lyme doctor treated me successfully with mold and arsenic, but I only got 40% better. I had that picc line in for a year. After being so sick for so many years, I was grateful to get my 40% and to be free of mold and arsenic poisoning.

I also was going through a divorce, after 16 years of marriage. He never was empathetic or showed any compassion, especially when it came to me getting so sick with Lyme Disease. I knew I had to file for divorce, and I’m so glad I did. As he once told me, “I didn’t ask for this; you were supposed to take care of me.” He’s over 14 years older than me.

I left Maine, and moved by my family and friends in Birmingham, Alabama.

About 2 years after the first picc line round, I started taking a turn for the worst again. My old Lyme dr told me to either go back to him in New Hampshire, or to a leading Lyme dr in DC. I choose DC, because it was logistically better for me.

From the day I got my second picc line, it was a disaster. I tanked from the beginning. By month 4, I was in Critical condition from the iv antibiotics.  I was let go, and his nurse practitioner told me, my dad, and my now husband that I “may not even make it”.

$55k later I was medically abandoned by one of the “best”.

Luckily, I had been volunteering for 2 sites on Facebook, so I researched and saw things on stem cell therapy for Lyme disease. I learned about all of the different stem cells (please nobody do fat stem cells, I know of not one person who’s gotten better. They in fact get worse). I then knew The Stemaid Insitute was the place for me. Back then,  2 1/2 years ago.

I arrived in Los Cabos Mexico in November 2016 to Stemaid. I received 2 weeks of a stem cell protocol, and a natural supporting regimen. I was feeling better after the first week. I had been totally bedridden before that. It was nice to get out and live. I was able to enjoy my beautiful healing environment, and go do things in Mexico. From the very first day there I had an awesome experience at the clinic. Not only did I get to see myself improve, but I got to see other patients go through their own miracles right in front of my eyes. None of them had Lyme disease, but their transformations were just as amazing!

What a gift in life to experience this!

I left the Stemaid Insitute after my 2 weeks. I left with true hope, and I was on my way to wellness. I left with natural tinctures, supplements etc, and I went home to Birmingham, Alabama.

After month 2, I saw myself improving slowly, but the progress I had made so  far was simply amazing to me.

I did have a period where I got walking pneumonia; I’ve never had anything like that in the past. After I got over that, I started seeing improvements again. This was the time I incorporated physical therapy to work on my wasted body from all those years I was bedridden. I also continued with my diet and supplements. The last thing to go at around the year mark was fatigue. Interestingly enough, I had a bi-polar diagnosis prior to stemaid . I was told I had bi-polar 2. The doctor said it was a sleep disorder based bi-polar. As a result, I was put on hefty amounts of Zyprexa. I had found a new psychiatrist who said “you don’t have bi-polar, so stop taking the medicine for it”. I did and the fatigue left me.

Not even a year later, I could say Lyme disease has FINALLY left me! I was told I would never get totally better; thank God the Lyme experts of the USA were wrong.

Fast forward to late November 2018. I was fine all along, then one day I woke up with Lyme symptoms. Are they as bad? No, but I knew it was time to go back to Stemaid for a booster visit.


I’m now back at The Stemaid Institute. I just completed my first day at the clinic. It was so cool to see old faces and friends on social media. Everyone is so caring and friendly, from the staff to the patients.

The first day, I had to fast for bloodwork and testing. I sat down with Dr.Hanly, and we updated my medical file information. We trouble shot my case a little, but until the tests come back today, I won’t know anything for sure. She does agree I’m not that bad off. That was reassuring.

I then received my first IV round of:

Vitamin C


Stem Cells

It went well.

No reactions of any kind.

They did offer me a massage, but I had already gotten one outside from my husband. I did turn that one down, this time only.

I was concerned going into last night. Last time, I had the biggest headache I have ever had, after my first day.

The headache never came, and I was just a tad sore. I took a nice detox bath, and relaxed in our beautiful surroundings. I got the most awesome massage from my fabulous husband Scott.

My only real complaint is:

Lack of sleep, but I have had that issue my whole life.  My muscles are a tad sore, and I have a small headache. Nothing to really stop me though, so I’m ready for day 2!

It’s the morning of day two now.

I will go over the test results with Dr Hanly today, get my treatment protocol, schedule, and More treatment.

As I’m writing this, I have a fabulous view at the Viceroy. We even got to see a pod of whales this morning from our bed!

Life is good!

Stay tuned for more of my blog

“Living the Lyme Life”


Consultation at Stemaid


#23 - Living the Lyme Life

#23 - Living the Lyme Life

I haven’t blogged lately!

It’s close to Lyme disease awareness month.

This year I still plan to go to the CDC rally, but I’ll go as a different person than before.

As a well person

Who thought after having late stage Lyme disease for 17 years that’d I be writing this post.

This post of my wellness.

I never gave up on finding the answer to my medical issues.

I tried everything.

Who would have thought embryonic stem cells was my answer.

I’m almost 1 1/2 year post stem cells.

I’m not 100% but I’m able to enjoy and live a really good life now.

I’m exercising now, but it’s been a slow ramping up process since I was bedridden over a decade.

My doctor is in disbelief of how well I am now.

So am I

#22 - Living the Lyme Life

#22 - Living the Lyme Life

I haven't blogged lately because I'm still doing great!

I'm at the 8 month post embryonic  stem cell point from the Stemaid Institute.


I am still doing well.


I'm getting out living life again.

What a blessing this has all been considering I have had Lyme disease over 17 years.


I tried everything in that time to make myself better. Numerous Herbal protocols, IV ABX 2 times and several rounds of oral ABX.

First time on IV ABX, I had some success, but it came back with a vengeance.

Before stem cells I received another round of IV ABX, but that time I only had declines. They ultimately pulled my line after 5 months.

They thought I was too sick to help.

I went to one of the best Lyme doctors in the country too.


That's when I knew embryonic stem cells were my next best option. Embryonic stem cells are pluripotent stem cells, meaning they can divide into more stem cells or can become any type of cell in the body. This versatility allows embryonic stem cells to be used to regenerate or repair diseased tissue and organs.


I'm still in remission.


I still have chronic fatigue but I found I can fight through that. All my other symptoms have been knocked out completely. No heart issues, no blood pressure issues, no fevers, mental clarity is back, no more neuropathy and my POTS has resolved itself.


I'm still working on getting in better shape since my body was in a wasted state for so many years. That is a big hurdle since my body was ruined from Lyme disease and babesia. 


Many ask was it worth it


Yes so worth it

I'm living life

Not the Lyme life


#20 - Living the Lyme Life

#20 - Living the Lyme Life

Living the Lyme Life

Month 5 post stem cell treatment

This past month I've gone through some things in my personal life that have quite frankly affected my wellness journey. I received sleep issues and stress, so I knew I had to start counselling asap which I did.


I have not noticed any gains in my stem cell journey from this month to last, but I'm still doing things daily. Lyme brought my life to a bedridden state to doing things every day. Can't complain too much on my health status.


I have been working on the Lyme scroll of those who lost their lives due to Lyme and it's co-infections.

I ran out of room but have 72feet of names.

I'm unrolling it soon on a video and then my hope is to add the names I didn't have room for and lend it out to orgs and events across the United States.


RIP Lyme angels

Lyme Scroll

Lyme Scroll

#19 Living the Lyme Life

#19 Living the Lyme Life

Living the Lyme Life

Month 4 post stem cell treatment


Everyone knows by now that I have had great success with my embryonic stem cell therapy.

It's been nothing short of a miracle for me. The stem cell protocol no doubt was still my best treatment choice in my 16+ year Lyme journey.


It's important you all know I still have some days of flare ups and limitations, despite all the gains I have made. The flare ups now only last hours to a day, and usually consist of only one or two symptoms. As you know with Lyme, a flare usually consists of multiple issues and can last for days, weeks, and yes even months.


I'm continuing to do more each day.


After being in bed most of a decade from my Lyme disease and Babesiosis,  my physical stamina  has to be built back up more still. Through being able to do more activities and with the addition of aqua therapy and let's not forget the stem cells working inside of me still,


I will be on the path for more gains in my Lyme Life.


We should all be concerned about Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses.

This week the media reported they are expecting a huge tick increase so Prevention is key.


You do not want to get lyme disease

It's like playing Russian roulette with your life as you know it.


Prevention Tips

Personal Protection


Your best defense against tick-borne illness is to avoid contact with ticks in the first place. Your next best defense is to quickly find and remove any ticks that may latch on to you.


Avoid Tick Habitat

Ticks tend to be near the ground, in leaf litter, grasses, bushes and fallen logs. High risk activities include playing in leaves, gathering firewood and leaning against tree trunks. When you hike, stay on cleared trails instead of walking across grassy fields.

Dress Defensively

Wear shoes, socks, long pants and long sleeves. Tie back long hair and wear a hat. Light-colored clothing helps you spot ticks before they cause trouble.

You can purchase clothing that has been pre-treated with the repellent permethrin at outdoor recreation stores. (The protection lasts through 70 washings.) Or, you can purchase permethrin and spray clothing yourself. (Protection lasts 5-6 washings.) Be sure to treat both the inside and outside of clothes.

Spraying footwear with permethrin will prevent ticks from crawling up your shoes. (In one study, those with treated shoes had 74% fewer tick bites than those with untreated shoes.)

Use Repellent on Exposed Skin

Studies show that repellents with DEET, picaridin or lemon eucalyptus oil are the most effective.

Check for Ticks

When outdoors, periodically inspect your clothing and skin for ticks. Brush off those that aren’t attached and remove any that are.


Once home, take a shower right away. This will wash away unattached ticks and offer a good chance to thoroughly inspect yourself. Feel for bumps that might be embedded ticks. Pay careful attention to hidden places, including groin, armpits, back of knees, belly button and scalp. Parents should check their children.

Hot Dryer

Running your clothes in a hot dryer for 10 minutes before you wash them will kill any ticks that may be there.

Protect Your Pets

Ticks can infect dogs and cats, too. Also, their fur can act like a “tick magnet,” carrying ticks inside your home. Consult with your veterinarian about tick-protection for your pets.





#18 - Living the Lyme Life

#18 - Living the Lyme Life

Living the Lyme Life

3 months post stem cell treatment

  Another month has passed since I've been back from Mexico, where I received embryonic stem cell treatment for my Lyme disease and co-infections.

  Before I update you on my status, I wanted to inform you about stem cells.  The USA does do stem cell treatment for Lyme and other conditions. Please know NO 2 stem cell protocols are alike.

Some use your cells.

Some use adult donor cells.

Some use both.

  I met people and read many articles were people wasted their $ on these protocols the USA has to offer.

I don't want anyone to waste their money.

Embryonic stem cellS are pluripotent stem cells, meaning they can divide into more stem cells or can become any type of cell in the body. This versatility allows embryonic stem cells to be used to regenerate or repair diseased tissue and organs.

Now the update:

This month was jam packed!

Most importantly I got married to my soulmate!

I also started out the month contracting walking pneumonia. This really set me back the whole month health wise. The crushing fatigue is slowly leaving me now.

After one year I'm driving again.

-I don't get lost

-I remember where I park

-Haven't had a seizure or tremors

-No more passing out while sitting up

Now you see some of the good reasons I took myself off the road.

But those symptoms and more are gone!

The last decade+ has been an epic battle.

Most of which, until recently, I was bedridden and alone.


So far I would say I'm 50% back to normal and the stem cells will still be working in me until month 9.

A true miracle in my book!

This progress even this far is superior to the IV picc line protocols I've received in the past. That was the only thing that worked some over the years.


#17 - Living the Lyme Life

#17 - Living the Lyme Life

Living the Lyme Life

2 months post Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy from the Stemaid Institute in Los Cabo's Mexico.


Wow! 2 months have passed post treatment and I still am improving as I was told I would. I will even see more improvements in the months to come.

Even though my improvements are substantial; there are still days I struggle. On these days tho, the struggle is markedly less than before treatment.


When I entered the clinic, I was in critical condition and 108 pounds and I'm 5'8". Now I have my weight back up officially to where it was.


My mental clarity is still continuing to improve. For example, the other day, my Now fiancé Scott (yes we just got engaged), was putting my clothes away and I knew where everything went in all my drawers and huge closet and could easily direct him. To most this may seem easy but for a late stage lymie

It is huge!


My energy is up, so I am getting out more often also.

And now I'm not hardly ever dizzy,

I'm back in my heals 👠

I've also been able to cook a couple meals. I don't even remember how long it's been since I REALLY cooked. It's nice spending more quality time with all of my loved ones.


Since my tremors have gone, I'm also about to drive again in the next few weeks! It's been a long time since I have driven - about a year now. I Took myself off the road when I got lost on a car ride I've done many times prior.


I'm also painting and drawing! Something I haven't done in over a decade.

Tremors + art = NO

I've even sold some of my pieces and gave 100% of the proceeds to Hand and Hand in Lyme disease.


So 2 months post treatment I'm still seeing improvements overall!

So much to be thankful for in this past 30 days in the Lyme Life


In my life....



#16 - Living the Lyme Life

#16 - Living the Lyme Life

It's official

I'm a month post embryonic stem treatment protocol!


Before I walked through the door at the Stemaid Institute,

I was considered in critical condition from my Lyme doctor.


⁃My blood diastolic pressures would go as low as 43! And all the sudden on a regular and daily basis.                                        Passing out was my normal.

⁃Walking was sketchy some days

⁃I'd regularly have shaking episodes 

⁃Almost always had a fever

⁃Spikes in BP (from really low to really high for no reason and vice versa)

⁃My eyes were so sensitive to light that I always wore shades. It wasn't worth the burning pain I'd get in my eyes and front of head.

⁃Gave up driving almost 9 months ago. That was a tough blow!

⁃I was bedridden for months with pain as my constant bedfellow.        On rare occasions, I'd do something but I never lasted long with any outing or task

⁃My neurological systems left me in a constant daze of confusion

⁃I couldn't eat or keep food down so I plummeted to 108 pounds (I'm 5'8") just constantly nauseous!

⁃I was so tired ALWAYS but I couldn't sleep

⁃Couldn't feel extremities or they would burn


Now fast forward one month....


Even though I've had a few rough days here and there over the last month, I still say


Wow look at how far I've come!!!!


I am way past the 25%-40% a IV picc line could give me.

But remember I was told I'm not an IV ABX candidate now or in the future by one of "the best" Lyme doctors.


⁃My BP issues, fever have virtually disappeared

⁃I'm back up to a better weight

⁃I can think clearly now!              Less Lyme brain moments :)

⁃I'm getting out more and I'm going to start driving in the next week :) yay!

⁃Able to do some chores

⁃I'm painting again

⁃Ditched my shades. My eyes can tolerate light again

⁃Pain levels as a whole are way lower and manageable

⁃Shaking and passing out is becoming a thing of the past also


And I'll continue to improve more over the next few months

I'm living life!

Instead of

Living the Lyme Life

Living Life

Living Life

#15 - Living the Lyme Life

#15 - Living the Lyme Life

Living the Lyme Life

One week post embryonic stem cell treatment - Living The Lyme Life

As most of you know,

I've tried it all relevant treatments over the long 16.5 years I've lived with Lyme Disease and babesia.

The other month when Dr J deemed me too sick for the only treatment that gave me any relief over the years


it was a big blow. 

They determined I will NEVER be a candidate for IV ABX again.

It was too risky in their opinion  considering my health issues.


I had no choice but to start a new path to finding wellness, because giving up or in to this disease is not in my plans.

I knew of ONE other "relevant" treatment protocol I read about on websites outside the USA.

A newer treatment option for Lyme and it's co-infections. I knew the science made sense, but knew of only 2 others who have done embryonic stem cell therapy for Lyme disease. They had success, but I still felt like a guinea pig going in.

Embryonic stem cell Therapy,

I felt, was my only relevant option left

considering my massive health declines over the past year.

Dr J did me a favor in the end.

Even one week post treatment, I feel good! 💚

Goodbye to my standard "ok" days here and there during my "remission" via long term IV antibiotics.

I'm having Good days NOW💚

Better than after the completion of a year+ IV ABX to ultimately achieve a bandaid aka "remission"

I know I've made improvements over IV ABX already, and I will continue to see them over the next several months.

I've had people come see me this week.

They saw me before I left for my embryonic stem cell treatment and after...

They see my improvements also.

⁃No sunglasses or squinting burning watery eyes  when exposed to ANY light source

⁃Better skin tone (was almost yellow because of my failing liver that  Lyme and ABX gave me.

⁃Hands don't feel cold or hot and I can feel them now also

⁃Walking straighter with no assistance

⁃Better concentration/focus

⁃Happier and Lyme rage is not as easily triggered

⁃Able to do some chores

⁃Able to go out more

⁃Taking less medications

⁃Dizzy spells infrequent instead of always

⁃Pain levels down

I know this obviously seems to be a valid treatment consideration if you are in late stage Lyme disease.

I also wanted to stress to you:

Just because it seems to be my best answer to my own wellness, it may not be right for all inflicted with Lyme disease.

I am a believer tho as I'm

Living The Lyme Life 💚


#14 - Living the Lyme Life

#14 - Living the Lyme Life

Day 12 of 12 of my embryonic stem cell treatment is today :)


I'm done!!!


In the past

Only IV ABX has shown me any results over the years. It gave me 25% back (from a bedridden state), but I considered that a gift in life also.


I've done all treatments that science can support over this 16 year Lyme disease and babesia road.


Many do not know I've been mostly bedridden of late (and a good portion of those long 16 years)

When Dr.J dropped me because I was deemed too sick to go on,

it scared me since my stats and heart issues were putting my life in danger daily.

So of course

It was a really big blow when he removed my picc line after only 4 months and 40 grand in his visits, IV medicine, many RX's, supplies, and travel expenses to D.C.


It turned out to be the best thing, because it pushed me into my next and only other valid treatment protocol..

Embryonic stem cell therapy


Today I received:

⁃another round in the Photon booth

⁃IV chelation

⁃IV B17 (also known as Laetrile)

⁃IV embryonic stem cells


I feel so much better than when I came here a couple weeks ago. I have past the point ALREADY that I got with my first round of IV ABX after one year of that treatment protocol!


I found my Lyme disease miracle I've waited years 16 long years for💖✨


Some maintenance afterwards is needed.


Diet wise:

⁃No gluten

⁃No or little dairy (coffee creamer is my cheating item) they said goat cheese is not on the no no list :)

⁃Eating Whole Foods


Other items are (no RX - all natural)

⁃Detox tincture

⁃Oil of oregano capsules

⁃Elephant tree tincture


⁃Silver biotics

⁃Intellect tree seed oil


I also have to do a liver cleanse which helps (it's an easy recipe):

⁃clear the liver of gallstones

⁃Improved digestion

⁃Allergy improvements

⁃Helps Pain

⁃Increased energy

Again I can't even begin to say how thankful I am to the whole staff there at Stemaid.


They really genuinely cared!


I will do a monthly update blog from here.

I'm so excited for the future!

It's so bright

And I do not have to wear shades 😎


Many more good things to come!


Thank you for reading my blog, and all of the shared posts and support from all of you💚

Living the Lyme Life will be a life full of living now!


And the best is yet to come as these next few months pass as I'm

Living The Lyme Life💚

All smiles on last day

All smiles on last day

Last of the stem cells

Last of the stem cells

Stem Cells  

Stem Cells  

#13 - Living the Lyme Life

Day 11 of 12 of my stem cell journey has come and gone.

Only one more day, then I go home!

Today I received:

⁃another round in the Photon booth

⁃Followed by autohemotherapy treatment (ozone)

⁃Embryonic stem cell implantation via IV

Yes, they do stem cell treatment in the USA, but not this particular kind I'm receiving here at StemAid.

Also adding autohemotherapy / ozone treatment to the protocol was a huge additional benefit in this treatment option.

I did my homework on ALL of the different types of stem cell treatment, because I had a lot at stake with my cardiac involvement alone.

I have also experienced huge health declines that left me mostly bedridden in the past 6 plus months.

I have known people to go treat their illnesses with other types of stem cell treatments offered in the USA, but with little to no success. 

So I did my homework and found embryonic stem cells to be the most effective type in treating my Lyme disease and co-infections.

After I wasted $40k with my last Lyme dr who ultimately deemed me to sick to go on with IV ABX, it was my new path to wellness!

He was supposed to be one of the best Lyme doctors out there.

I was told I wasn't a candidate anymore (even in future months to come).

In hindsight I thank that doctor in releasing me, because I found something that has already shown me more progress than a whole year of IV antibiotics ever could.

My path to wellness will continue in the months to come also as I'm

Living The Lyme Life💚

Arrival for the next to last day

Arrival for the next to last day

Ozone Therapy  

Ozone Therapy  


#12 Living the Lyme Life

Day 10 of 12 of stem cell treatment for Lyme disease has passed.


Today I am sore and exhausted, but this is normal to experience ups and downs in this treatment protocol.


I was just spoiled because I've only experienced the ups lately.


I Think the Rolfing I received yesterday is the main culprit.

I do have a curvature in my spine like the hunchback of Norte dame, :)

and Rolfing helps address those posture issues.


Lucky me, I have Rolfing on my treatment schedule tomorrow as well.


Today I received:

⁃another round in the Photon booth

⁃IV chelation

⁃IV B17 (also known as Laetrile)

⁃Plasma and stem cell facial


I know you are thinking...

What's a stem cell facial and it's benefits?


Because stem cells are unprogrammed they can transform into other type of cells and to perform a range of functions such as healing and new cell growth.

As an anti-aging skin care ingredient, the use of engineered stem cell skin care treatments work to heal sun damaged, wrinkled skin to stimulate rejuvenation of the skin so that it becomes firmer, and younger looking.


And what is a plasma facial and it's benefits?


PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma) also known as Plasma Rich in growth factors is the latest tendency in anti-aging. The treatment reverses al the common aging signs in the skin specifically in the areas of the face, neck, hands and other parts of the body. The advantages of PRP over other common anti-aging treatments like Botox, it's unique natural quality. The therapy uses the patient's own blood making the treatment hypoallergenic.

Just another day

💚Living The Life


Pre-Stem cell facial

Pre-Stem cell facial

The procedure

The procedure

Almost like tattooing  

Almost like tattooing  

Looking for the right areas to treat

Looking for the right areas to treat

#11 - Living the Lyme Life

#11 - Living the Lyme Life

Day 9 of 12 of my embryonic stem cell journey has passed.

Today consisted of:

⁃another round in the Photon booth

⁃IV chelation

⁃IV B17 (also known as Laetrile)

⁃embryonic stem cell implantation via IV

⁃Rolfing (structural integration)

I noted on yesterday's blog of improvements I've seen already:

⁃Numbness and burning in hands and feet are gone

⁃Energy levels have increased

⁃More alert with clearer thoughts

⁃Eye sensitivity is gone

⁃Not dizzy

⁃Walk without help of walls and people

⁃Less pain

⁃Mood is happier

I forgot to note a few more improvements I've experienced such as:

⁃increased appetite (I was down to 112 pounds and I'm 5'8" after the 4 months of IV abx)

⁃My fevers are totally GONE (this was a daily occurrence)

⁃Blood pressure is regulated

⁃Tachycardia is gone

So 3 more days of treatment and I'm done with treatment!

With stem cell therapy, I will continue to see more improvements over the next 9 months.

So another good day,

Living the Lyme Life

Another good day

Another good day

#10 - Living the Lyme Life

Today marks day 8 of 12 of my embryonic stem cell treatment. 


Every day since Sunday, I've noticed amazing miracles that I haven't seen with any other Lyme protocols.

I've tried them all at least a couple times.

This is what I've seen so far in improvements....


⁃Numbness and burning in hands and feet are gone

⁃Energy levels have increased

⁃More alert with clearer thoughts

⁃Eye sensitivity is gone

⁃Not dizzy

⁃Walk without help of walls and people

⁃Less pain

⁃Mood is happier


And the best part is, I will continue to see further improvements over the next several months!!!


Today I received:

⁃IV chelation

⁃IV B17 (also known as Laetrile)

⁃IV embryonic stem cell implantation


I was feeling really good about the research and science I did prior to making my decision, but still was going in kind of sceptical.

💚 Now I'm a believer 💚

Living The Lyme Life

A happier day is now

A happier day is now

#9 - Living the Lyme Life

Day 7 of 12 of my stem cell treatment has just passed.

Yesterday was my only day off from the 2 week treatment protocol, and I experienced something I haven't experienced or said 2 anyone in years.....

I actually had A good few hours of going out and enjoying life like a "normal" person!!!

Not ok like I say on occasion


GOOD :))


Also, I woke up this morning to something even more incredible...

I can be in a lighted up space without my sunglasses 😎

No burning

No watering eyes

Ocular issues from Lyme disease have been a daily struggle for so long for me. 

I honestly do not remember when they began during this rough 16 years thanks to Lyme and co-infections.

It's been a long time.


I'm so thankful for those milestones 💚


I look forward to many more over these next few months.


So today, it was back to the Stemaid clinic.

We started out with a new procedure today


I know most of you (as I did) are saying

What's Rolfing?

Rolfing is a form of bodywork (similar to massage) that reorganizes the connective tissues, called fascia, that permeate the entire body.

It's used for:

⁃Decreasing pain

⁃Improved posture

⁃Increased flexibility and range of motion

⁃Improved coordination

⁃Increase in energy


Then it was another round of

⁃Photon booth

⁃IV chelation

⁃IV B17 (also known as Laetrile)

⁃IV embryonic stem cell implantation

All went well today, but after the stem cell IV, I was affected with increased fatigue and pain (this is normal).


I'm so happy that I'm starting to see positive results in this Lyme disease treatment protocol.

And with each passing




I will see more improvements!

Even after the 2 week treatment period is over :)


So good things going on now as I'm

Living the Lyme Life 💚

It's a good day

It's a good day

B17 treatment  

B17 treatment  

Another beautiful day at the clinic

Another beautiful day at the clinic

#8 - Living the Lyme Life

Living the Lyme Life day 6 of 12

I'm officially at the 1/2 way point in my embryonic stem cell treatment for my chronic Lyme disease and co-infections!

It's been no walk in the park, but neither is any other Lyme protocol. At least it's only 2 weeks vs months or years of treatment.

Today started out very similar to other days here....

Photon booth time

IV chelation

IV B17 (also known as Laetrile)

IV embryonic stem cell implantation

A new addition to this Lyme disease protocol was added today PEMF.

What is Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field treatment or PEMF and it's advantages in Lyme disease protocols?

In the acute phase of the Lyme infection, antibiotics will usually suffice. In the chronic phases, it is very difficult to completely eradicate the infection or its consequences. This is where PEMFs come in.

Because PEMFs help with reducing inflammation, improving circulation, reducing pain and in general improving the value of other treatments, they should be part of any treatment program in any one with chronic Lyme related health problems.

PEMFs not only help with pain, but also helps to address the underlying causes of the pain in the body.

That was a welcomed addition today, because pain management can not be addressed as much during this protocol. The stem cells need to know where to go repair in your body by finding damaged and inflamed areas of the body. 

Sunday is an off day for me :)

Maybe I can get out and enjoy Cabo San Lucas 💚 while

Living the Lyme Life



PEMF therapy

PEMF therapy

Happy Face

Happy Face

In chelation therapy

In chelation therapy